So, the legislative session is already off to a crazy start. With a new governor in office Ö one who is dedicated to diverting public education funds to vouchers and charter schools Ö we know it is not going to be pretty.

Already legislation has been filed to allow teachers to be armed (PTA opposes); allow school tax revenues (referendums) to be shared with charter schools (PTA opposes); and to fund a new voucher program to pay for private school tuition for low-income students with tax dollars (PTA opposes). These types of voucher programs were struck down many years ago in court, but now with more conservative judges it is feared that the ruling might be overturned.

There is some good news! Bills to make distracted driving a primary offense - texting - have been filed and are up for discussion again this legislative session. Last yearÒ³ texting while driving legislation failed to become law but hopefully this year it will get passed. (PTA supports this legislation.)

The other good news is that you can help make a difference! Come to Tallahassee for Florida PTA Legislative Conference March 24-26. Hillsborough County Council PTA/PTSA has secured a hotel for our members for a discounted rate contact Brita Wilkins Lincoln for more information If you canÒ´ make it to Tallahassee this year, then join Hillsborough County Council PTA/PTSA on Facebook at HCC PTA/PTSA Advocacy Group and get ready to let your legislators know that we love our public schools!

Florida PTA Legislative Conference

Did the November elections make you want to get more involved in advocating for children? Come join Florida PTA for Legislative Conference when we visit with legislators in March 24-26. Parents and students from Walker, Hillsborough County and all over the state can join forces with others who care about education and other issues impacting our children in Florida. Register with Florida PTA and then come benefit from a reduced hotel rate arranged by Hillsborough County PTA/PTSA members. HCC PTA/ PTSA has a reduced rate of $169 for a two queen bed suite at a nice local hotel for our members to stay at during the conference. The rooms include a small kitchen and living area with a pull out sofa. They provide breakfast, have a fitness room and have food and a Starbucks just across the parking lot. Please use this link ASAP or by March 4, 2019 in order to secure your room. You can cancel up to 72 hours before the start of the conference. If the group block becomes full please reach out to Brita Wilkins Lincoln ( so she can try and secure more rooms.

The 2019 Legislative Conference is scheduled for March 24-26 in Tallahassee. For more information, click HERE.

Who should attend: Parents and other caregivers, teachers, students, Council and local unit PTA leaders, and other child advocacy allies and community members who are concerned about the education, health, safety, and well-being of all children.

Registration fee: $55 (February1st and after)

Student registration fee: $35 (use code STUDENTLEG19)

Registration includes dinner on March 24th and breakfast & lunch on March 25th. Register HERE. For more information, contact the Florida PTA Legislative Team. Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations. For local hotel suggestions, please click HERE. For Walker PTSA hotel link, click HERE.